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Before You Hit Send, Add This to Your Next Email

Marketers can see 66% more solid leads every year when they use video. 


If you’re debating adding video to your next marketing email, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. In today’s tech space, you don’t need to be an expert to create a killer video for your clients.

Whether you choose to link or embed the video into your personalized outreach, it’s sure to increase your open rate. Once you’ve selected a method for sharing your video, you’ll want to consider a few things before pushing out your first video email.

Lighting is your friend.

No fancy lighting equipment is necessary to create an effective video for your clients. If you can, position yourself in front of a window or natural light source. Ideally, a south-facing window will give you the best light. If you don’t have access to a natural light source, there are some low-cost tools you can pick up to help boost your shot. We recommend this Selfie Ring Light that seamlessly clips on to your phone or laptop. Plus, its travel-friendly size means you can use it when you’re on the go!

Keep the text short & sweet.

Emails are already most effective when they contain a healthy amount of characters in the text. When it comes to adding a video, there’s even more reason to keep the text concise and non-overwhelming to the recipient. The client viewing your email will appreciate the thoughtful balance of text and video. Save the bulk of the information for the video itself.

Pick the right content.

Choosing the right content for your video is vital. From tutorials and demos to event highlights and testimonials, there’s a huge amount of options for content. Select a type of content that aligns with your other communications and provides the most value to customers. Have an awesome new website? Now’s the perfect time to create a quick demo video sharing its features and hidden gems. Host a webinar this week? Shoot an email out to your clients with a video replay so they can pass it along to any colleagues that missed out.

Timing is everything.

Consider the pockets of time in your clients’ days when creating a video to plug into your next email. 1.5 minutes in the drive-through lane at their favorite coffee spot, 3 minutes waiting for their Uber. These pockets are the perfect amount of time for your client to check their email and view a brief but highly effective video from you. Avoid sending an email with a 10-minute video in the middle of the workday–the client will check out when they realize how long of a time commitment it is.

Give a heads up!

Make sure that you call out the video you’re sending to clients. For an email, hint at the video in your subject line. If you’re using SMS, use verbiage that alludes to the video and ensure that it’s not set up to autoplay when they open the message. No client wants to accidentally play a loud video in the middle of a crowded area. Giving the recipient a heads up will allow them time to pop in their headphones before they hit “Play”.

Coaching Lead Management

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Make the Switch to Ringless Voicemail

“I didn’t see your call come in.”

We’ve all had it happen to us–we looked away for a minute or had our phone on silent during a meeting. We see two notifications pop up on our device. One is for the missed call, the other is for a voicemail. We are quick to open our phone app and listen to the new voicemail. If we’re lucky, the Transcription Beta won’t butcher the text and we can quickly scan the message until we have time later to listen. When the time is right, our brains are naturally curious to listen to the voicemail in its entirety.

1. Clients are more likely to listen to a voicemail than to read an email.

Let’s be honest, people are more likely to skip the dull scroll through their email inbox and listen to a new voicemail instead. It creates a sense of excitement and breaks up the normal forms of communication that clients see on an hourly basis. Plus, it’s less likely to accidentally be deleted in a mass inbox clean-out like an email is.

2. The personal touch is priceless.

Putting a voice to a name or business is a priceless tool. Clients can begin to see you as a real human rather than a robot behind an email. Clients can hear the warmth in your voice and acknowledge the time you carved out of your day to think of them. Don’t worry if you make a slight blunder–the client will know that it’s an authentic message and appreciate it more for that reason.

3. Convenience is key.

While still highly personal, ringless voicemails allow clients to listen to the message at a time that works for them. There is no need for sudden panic when their phone rings during a meeting, or the lack of hands to answer while they balance sipping coffee and driving to work. When they get a moment, they are bound to prioritize the voicemail over a dozen other texts and emails.

4. Give yourself some time back in your day.

Setting up ringless voicemails can be quick and painless. We recommend using a Bonzo campaign to set up your first ringless voicemail. You record the voicemail once, and then off it goes to any client that you add into the campaign. Convenience for the client and for you. Win, win. You can even utilize templates to make recording voicemails a breeze and not lose track of the points you wanted to hit on.

5. Ensure compliance with local & national regulations.

An important aspect of any conversation is ensuring that it’s respectful of the client’s boundaries. Not only does ringless voicemail not charge the client’s phone bill, but it is also compliant with government regulations. Of course, the client reserves the right to request to be added to the “Do Not Call” list at any time because no true conversation should be forced.