The Integration You’ve Been Waiting For — Model Match x Bonzo

Creating conversations at scale just got easier and more efficient for Mortgage Recruiting.

Model Match, an award-winning platform that supports individual and team hiring goals in the mortgage and financial services industries, has joined forces with Bonzo.

Model Match is also the only Talent Management System specifically focused on the Mortgage Industry. The platform enables its clients to efficiently and effectively manage infilling and strategic growth initiatives by leveraging their best resources, their managers, leaders, and internal recruiting departments.

So what’s the next step for Model Match users? Connect with their prospects in a more personalized and efficient way by using Bonzo.

“With Bonzo’s expertise in revolutionizing the way we start conversations and Model Match’s platform, which enables teams to elevate pipelines and reach new levels of efficiency and organization, this integration offers users an easily managed workflow to generate more opportunities, start conversations on the right foot and experience greater success overall in their talent acquisition efforts.”

Thomas Seelbinder
Head of Product and Customer Success at Model Match

This recent survey highlights the modern company’s need for a technology platform that takes care of the whole recruitment process. To meet this demand, Model Match is increasing its automated offerings with the Bonzo partnership. In turn, Bonzo combines personality with automation in voicemail, text, email, live calling, and video messaging to create meaningful conversations

These game-changing features allow recruiters to stay competitive by offering a new and efficient way to create and manage conversations. Users can now combine the ability to effectively manage their recruitment pipeline and their outreach efforts in one location.

“Model Match and Bonzo’s technologies are revolutionizing the recruitment process to become more fun and efficient, while also making it less painful. This integration is setting a new standard for the modern recruiter and making cold, untargeted email blasts into a thing of the past.”

Miles Miller
Co-Founder at Bonzo

Want to learn more about how you can take advantage of this match made in (Mortgage Recruiting) heaven?


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Loan Officers Aren’t Chasing Leads Anymore — Here’s Why

Check out how Mitchell used Bonzo to work 20% less while producing 20% more.

No more chasing leads.

“I used to chase those conversations and I don’t have to anymore. I create the campaign in Bonzo and let those conversations come to me.”

Mitchell Severence
Senior Loan Officer + Bonzo Enthusiast

The 5-minute rule.

Mitchell has been able to connect with more people and close more deals in the last year. How’s that possible? Bonzo’s 5-minute rule makes every process simple and effective.

Whether he needs to create a new campaign or upload a list of new leads, Mitchell will be in and out of Bonzo in 5 minutes or less.

Side effects of having more time may include but are not limited to: more family time, more passion time, more relationships, more sales, more income, more of whatever you want. 

Mitchell is saving time by no longer chasing leads. What will you do with your time?