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Loan Officers Aren’t Chasing Leads Anymore — Here’s Why

Check out how Mitchell used Bonzo to work 20% less while producing 20% more.

No more chasing leads.

“I used to chase those conversations and I don’t have to anymore. I create the campaign in Bonzo and let those conversations come to me.”

Mitchell Severence
Senior Loan Officer + Bonzo Enthusiast

The 5-minute rule.

Mitchell has been able to connect with more people and close more deals in the last year. How’s that possible? Bonzo’s 5-minute rule makes every process simple and effective.

Whether he needs to create a new campaign or upload a list of new leads, Mitchell will be in and out of Bonzo in 5 minutes or less.

Side effects of having more time may include but are not limited to: more family time, more passion time, more relationships, more sales, more income, more of whatever you want. 

Mitchell is saving time by no longer chasing leads. What will you do with your time?

Coaching Lead Management

The #1 Reason This Team Closed 83% of Purchase Business Last Year

Disclaimer: We are about to shamelessly toot our own horn…

Bonzo has been a game-changer for Chris R. and his team in 2020 and beyond.

“Bonzo has virtually taken the fear out of my loan officers that would normally have to cold call agents to generate new business. This product eliminates that.”

Chris Rines
Regional Vice President at USA Mortgage + Bonzo Enthusiast

Chris and his team are converting leads at a stellar ratio thanks to Bonzo. Further, they are able to convert those leads in less time–producing more while working less.

The USA Mortgage team not only saw an increase in lead conversion in 2020, but those numbers continue to surge into 2021. The future is bright for the budding partnership between USA Mortgage and Bonzo.

Chris and his team are with Bonzo for the long run. Are you?

Schedule a complimentary demo session below, and check out the full interview with Chris.

Coaching Lead Management

This Loan Officer Booked 29 Meetings from 1 Campaign — Here’s How

Learn how Tim used Bonzo to save time and achieve a 49% response rate on his first campaign.

“There’s really no reason to not use Bonzo right now. It’s a no-brainer.”

Tim Hemmer
Loan Officer + Bonzo Enthusiast

Get Your List Together

Tim said it best–make sure that your list is cleaned up and ready to import. We recommend deleting any old columns in your list that you’re no longer using. Ideally, each prospect will have a first name, last name, email address, phone number, and tags.

Tim took his CSV list of 99 realtors and uploaded it directly into the Bonzo campaign of his choice.

Turn the Campaign On

Get results immediately.

Tim uploaded his list of 99 realtors into a single Bonzo campaign and got 48 responses for a total response rate of 49%.

Tim watched as 48 responses came into his Bonzo account over the 5-day campaign. He even got notifications for these responses while he was on the go. No need to be chained to his desk!

Crush Your Goals

Tim’s goals were to create more meetings with agents and save time doing it.

In addition to achieving a high response rate, Tim created 29 meetings and long-term relationships from those 48 responses. He also saved an immense amount of time not having to text 99 people manually for a 5-day period.

Learn more about Tim’s experience by checking out the full video below.

Coaching Lead Management

Why Your Coverage Should Be a Top Priority Going into the New Year and Beyond

Are you wishing you could clone yourself lately?

54% of marketers say increasing engagement rate is their number one priority (Ascend2). As important as engagement is to you, it can be overwhelming when leads start pouring in at high rates. Instead of feeling like you need to be on engagement duty 24/7, take back some time for yourself and set up coverage that’s tailored to you.

Rest assured–you won’t miss a lead.

Time-to-Response Matters

As much of a workaholic as you may be, you simply cannot have a speedy response to every client each time on your own. Consider the importance of “speed-to-lead” and then prepare to make changes as needed.

Conversation Software, like Bonzo, allows users to toggle a “Conversationalist” on and off as they see fit. When it’s on, the Conversationalist will double as your personal assistant and customer rep extraordinaire. When it’s off, you are on duty to reply to your leads. You have complete control, always.

Never Miss Another Lead

While time-to-response can vary a little, missed leads should be avoided at all costs. A lead that goes unresponded to is money walking out the door. With the number of responses you have coming in, it’s likely that at least a few will get lost. Add another pair of eyes on your leads and bring down missed leads significantly.

When you are ready to upgrade your coverage, write down your most important priorities. Time-to-response and missed leads should land high on that list.

Automation to the Rescue

If you aren’t quite ready to add additional lead coverage but you still need some help, look no further than automated features. 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for three or more years (Pardot). Not only will automation enhance engagement, but it will also allow you the time to begin other meaningful projects.

At Bonzo, we offer users smart AI technology to use in tandem with their Calendly account. After a prospect books an appointment, they will be pulled out of the campaign sequence and receive an automatic confirmation.


Work Together, Regardless of How You Work

As champions of sales, we believe that your impact is a direct result of the number of conversations you have per day, but that’s not limited to just clients. Take conversations with your team just as seriously and you’ll see it pay off in big ways.

Not only does Chat allow you to share files, prospects, gifs, and much more, you can also share meaningful ideas in real-time that will move the needle on your business.

Increase Collaboration

Chat is hands down the most efficient way to create alignment with your team. Want an update on a project? Tag your colleague and they’ll be notified instantly. Better yet, need a solution for lead reassignment? Share prospects with team members directly in Chat. Those team members will get an invitation to take over the conversation. Within seconds, they will have access to the client’s data, notes, and conversation history.

Leave sticky notes in the past where they belong.

Organization Optimized

Create Chat Rooms to organize projects, topics, and teams. These Chat Rooms will keep all team members focused on the topic or project at hand. You can even add topics and descriptions to your Chat Rooms for enhanced clarity all around.

Pro tip: create Chat Rooms for fun stuff, too. While projects are important, take the extra minute to create a Chat Room where everyone can share their favorite gifs or recipes. We can pretty much guarantee plenty of non-forced team bonding moments here.

Productivity delivered

Rather than digging through emails, use the Search feature in Chat to quickly find old conversations and answers you need right now. Finding answers quicker means completing projects faster. Of course, projects being completed faster means happier clients–you get the gist here.

So, when you’re ready to drive collaboration, organization, and productivity, look no further than Chat. You’ll be making the most of your workspace, whether that’s at a bustling office or working from your spare bedroom.

Coaching Lead Management

5 Sales Stats Our Founders Think You Should Know

Believe it or not, you will never escape busy work. We know that might be a novel concept but hear us out. On average, you will get a new email every 4 minutes during your workday. Meaning, every 4 minutes that email alert will try to grab your attention and pull you away from the sales activities that you need to focus on–creating conversations and building relationships.

The average salesperson only spends 34% of their time actually selling.

So, what’s pulling us away from deep, income-producing work like selling?

70% of data goes bad or becomes obsolete each year.

That’s a lot of data. What else?

71% of salespeople say they spend too much time organizing data.

Furthermore, 66% of our time is spent in sales technology like CRMs.

How can we remedy this? At Bonzo, we have a 5-minute rule. You have to be able to get in, do what you need to do, and get out. You can create a campaign or schedule a broadcast in under 5 minutes. It’s as simple as that.

If you automate an activity that takes 10 minutes each day, you will get back a week of time each year.

We like the sound of that trade-off.

This week and beyond, focus on actually talking to people whether you use automation or not. We can’t stress this enough. When you create conversations, you build relationships and when you build relationships, you produce trust.

Remember, your impact is a direct result of the amount of conversations you have per day. Don’t worry about the busy work–it will always be there.

Coaching Lead Management

Get Out of Sales Technology Today

We need to get back to the basics of seeking to have conversations with people and get out of sales technology. Now, that might sound silly coming from a sales technology platform but bear with us.

Salespeople spend 62.5% of their time in sales technology and only 34% of their time actually selling.

Start with selling

Well, what is selling? To us, selling is having conversations with people. Conversations build relationships and relationships breed trust. It’s amazing what kind of momentum can happen from just one person’s trust earned.

Don’t just treat the issue

Instead of spending time creating momentum, we’re treating the issue with coaching. Coaching is important don’t get us wrong. However, we believe that you may not have an issue with salesmanship, but rather an issue with time. You’re not spending enough of your time talking to people.

Enter: the 5-minute rule

At Bonzo, you can do anything and everything in and under 5 minutes and then you can get back to talking to people. You’ll actually be talking to more people than you ever have before. At Bonzo, our goal is to have your phone ring as many times as possible throughout the day.

Coaching Lead Management

3 Tips to Optimize Your Mortgage Leads Today

Traditional mortgage lead nurturing has had its time, but it’s time to look toward the future of strategic lead optimization. The modern Loan Officer no longer wants to only nurture his or her current leads, they want to scale their business and crush their goals.

We’ve compiled a few tips that will guide you in ramping up your lead optimization.

Know when it’s time to reassign.

There is no harm in lead reassignment. In fact, according to ProPair, 28% of all closed loans originate from reassigned leads. Team leaders should be aware of their team members’ unique skills and feel empowered to make changes in the lead assignment when needed. Loan Officers themselves can sound the bell when its time for a change of leads, too.

Even the most talented Loan Officers need a mix-up every once in a while to avoid sitting on stale leads too long. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” The same idea can and should be applied to leads.

Consider the client’s journey.

Avoid the mistake of dropping the ball after the initial outreach. Each stage of the client’s journey is important and they are sure to notice if you aren’t bringing the same authentic touch to the follow-up as you are in the initial communication.

Analyze what processes are working best for your clients from the moment you first reach out to the time they sign a deal (and beyond). Anticipate any roadblocks and get ahead of them to make your client’s ride a breeze.

Put it all together.

Once you’ve nailed reassigning leads and mapping out the client’s journey, you’re headed in the right direction to scale your business and optimize your leads. A critical last step is finding the flow that works for you, your team, and your clients. It takes a true combination of reassigning leads and doing so at the right time in the customer’s journey. Take a thoughtful approach to these changes and make sure you have a solid plan in place. Then, get your team’s input. It will take the whole team to take lead optimization to the next level.

Coaching Lead Management

73% of Marketers Believe This One Thing Will Make You Money

When you think of social media, Facebook may come to mind first. Facebook is a top player but remember that it’s not the only player in an ever-changing game. Once you’ve decided to have a role on social media, work on mastering one channel at a time. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of being on different social media channels and create a plan to excel at the ones that are important to your business and your clients.

73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “very effective” for their business.

(Buffer, 2019)

Which channels work for your business?

Do your research and figure out where your potential clients are spending their time on social media. It may not be the newest craze like Tik Tok, but you don’t have to be leading the trends to make a difference in your business. Try to strike a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and jumping into a channel that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do research on your industry to see how it’s finding success with social media. For example, a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals). Furthermore, based on the previously noted NAR study, Facebook (97%), LinkedIn (59%), and Instagram (39%) are most realtors’ top picks (Sprout Social).

Opt for low-cost or free first.

The beauty of social media is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg (but it certainly can if you ramp up on advertisements). We recommend investigating your unpaid options first before dipping into the investment of ads. For example, if you’re starting with a leader like Facebook, begin by inviting all of your friends to like your business page. This is an easy, free way to get attention to your page. Once they get to the page, add a call to action that makes them click to your website or leave a review if they’ve worked with you before.

At this stage, make sure that you are taking advantage of all of a platform’s features. For instance, creating stories or hashtags can play a huge role in your brand’s social media presence.

Make a competition out of it!

If you’re looking to grab more eyes on social media, look no further than an old-fashioned incentive. “Enter to Win” competitions are a genius, low-cost way to get eyes on your pages. Offer customers a chance to win a prize for tagging a friend on your Instagram post or retweeting your tweet. Clients will enjoy playing along and who knows, you might make a lifelong client where you didn’t expect it.

Do more than repost.

Show your clients that follow you on social media that you can do more than reposting what other professionals are sharing. Challenge yourself to take 15 minutes every Monday morning to write a thoughtful post on LinkedIn or share a photo on Pinterest. Better yet, create a simple content calendar to keep you on track. Be yourself in your posts as your clients will notice the authenticity of the message.

Once you’ve shared your original post, make it a habit to stick around and participate in other conversations. Commenting on, liking, and sharing other colleagues’ content will show that you are well-versed on the platform and eager to make connections.

Coaching Lead Management

Managing a Team? Here’s How to Maximize Your Lead Management

Whether you manage a team of two or twenty, you’ll want to keep these tips top of mind when you’re utilizing team members to manage leads.

A well-oiled machine begins with proper training.

Ensure that each team member who is handling your leads knows their role and the expectations of them. Don’t assume that team members feel comfortable right away in a new Conversation Software (like Bonzo). Instead, set them up for success by creating training for them to participate in. Maybe you host the training yourself or you utilize a customer support team to take over. Either way, you’ll be glad that you took the time to get your team up to speed.

At Bonzo, we recommend setting up a personalized training session with a Happiness Advisor. The Happiness Advisor will show your team the ins and outs of the platform and make sure no feature goes unknown.

Implement a system.

Creating a flow for your incoming leads will give you the peace of mind that they are taken care of. Consider starting with assigning team members to leads based on their skill set or knowledge. For example, if one team member is fantastic with converting cold leads, send the leads their way! If another team member has a knack for working with brand new clients, assign them over. Rest assured that as the Team Lead you’ll have full access to these conversations so you can provide constructive feedback to your team.

Once the leads are assigned, ensure that your team knows how to follow up with leads that respond. Consider using Bonzo’s Quick Replies feature to not only make follow-up time-efficient but also consistent across the board.

Customize outreach.

Each outgoing message should be personalized to the team member who it’s coming from. Make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s in this step. Set up customized email signatures, senders, names used in sequences, and even custom videos.

Pro tip: Have your team create videos introducing themselves and plug those videos into the first day of outreach for new clients.

Follow-up and listen.

Once your team members have spent some time creating conversations, check-in with them to see how it’s going. Celebrate big and small wins, and see if there are any pain points in the current flow. Let your team members tell you what’s working and what isn’t. Remember, you can always ask for custom build-outs for your team.

At Bonzo, the sky is the limit. Conversation Software should be built for teams, so let us know what your team needs to be successful.