Work Together, Regardless of How You Work

As champions of sales, we believe that your impact is a direct result of the number of conversations you have per day, but that’s not limited to just clients. Take conversations with your team just as seriously and you’ll see it pay off in big ways.

Not only does Chat allow you to share files, prospects, gifs, and much more, you can also share meaningful ideas in real-time that will move the needle on your business.

Increase Collaboration

Chat is hands down the most efficient way to create alignment with your team. Want an update on a project? Tag your colleague and they’ll be notified instantly. Better yet, need a solution for lead reassignment? Share prospects with team members directly in Chat. Those team members will get an invitation to take over the conversation. Within seconds, they will have access to the client’s data, notes, and conversation history.

Leave sticky notes in the past where they belong.

Organization Optimized

Create Chat Rooms to organize projects, topics, and teams. These Chat Rooms will keep all team members focused on the topic or project at hand. You can even add topics and descriptions to your Chat Rooms for enhanced clarity all around.

Pro tip: create Chat Rooms for fun stuff, too. While projects are important, take the extra minute to create a Chat Room where everyone can share their favorite gifs or recipes. We can pretty much guarantee plenty of non-forced team bonding moments here.

Productivity delivered

Rather than digging through emails, use the Search feature in Chat to quickly find old conversations and answers you need right now. Finding answers quicker means completing projects faster. Of course, projects being completed faster means happier clients–you get the gist here.

So, when you’re ready to drive collaboration, organization, and productivity, look no further than Chat. You’ll be making the most of your workspace, whether that’s at a bustling office or working from your spare bedroom.

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