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3 Secrets to Effective Calendar Management

As the saying goes, time is money. It may be October, but there’s no better time to set a resolution to manage your calendar more efficiently.

These insider tips will help you reduce your no-show meetings, separate your personal and professional life, and set aside some much needed time for yourself. Ironically, in the essence of time, we’ve narrowed it down for you to just these 3 essential tips.

1. Reduce no-shows.

No shows slow everyone down. We recommend sending your clients not 1 but 2 reminders prior to your meeting in order to reduce no-shows. At 24 hours out, you’ll not only want to remind them of the meeting, but you’ll also want the client to have any information they may need time to review beforehand. Include any links, presentations, or articles you think may be helpful. Send the second reminder an hour or so before the appointment. This second reminder can be casual. Shooting them a text saying, “Looking forward to chatting with you in about an hour” will do the trick.

Pro-tip: Find a method that works for you to automate these reminders.

2. Separate your calendars.

Go ahead and create that second calendar. There are more demands today outside of the workspace than ever. Create a second calendar for your personal life and use it similarly. You can now add everything from doctor appointments to soccer practices and beyond. Several calendar systems allow you to link these calendars so you’ll never double book a client meeting with your hair cut. This will also keep your contacts separate but consistent by allowing your assistant to book a touch base and your partner to book a date night with you.

3. Schedule with yourself.

Avoid the frustration of not being able to find time to actually do your work. Set aside time with yourself the same way you would with a client or colleague. Filling every day with back to back meetings will leave you feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Bonzo gives you ample ways to skip on the late-night work sessions and simplify your schedule. For instance, you can now sync your Calendly account with Bonzo. When someone books a meeting with you, they will automatically be pulled out of the campaign sequence and receive an automated confirmation message from you! This kind of integration will free up some time in your day where you were previously confirming appointments and manually managing your database.

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