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5 Ways to Make an Impact in Conversation

Ready to win over the relationship with your client? Get there by deep diving on the conversations. Clients can be hounded with inauthentic outreach messages every day–separate yourself from the rest and create an impact on your next conversation by following these tips.

1. Use Video

Allow your clients to put a face to a name by showing them yours! Get vulnerable and put yourself out there on video. Introduction videos are a fantastic way for clients to get to know more about you when they haven’t had a chance to meet you in person yet. At Bonzo, we recommend adding a video thumbnail to your emails to boost engagement. Stats say that a video thumbnail can improve subscriber engagement by almost 41% when it’s included in an email (Backlinko). 

2. Ask about THEM

Ensure that your meeting has not turned into a monologue. Ask the client about themselves and make it personal. Try to push beyond the basic, “How’s your day going so far?” or “What’s the weather like for you?”. While these are safe options, they are not personal and show a lack of authentic interest. Instead, “How did you become a [job title]?” or “What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?” are just a few examples that will inspire a deeper conversation.

3. Stop selling and start engaging

While selling is important, try putting it on the back burner initially. Creating organic conversations with clients will allow them to open up to you more and lean into who you are and your why. Try a humanistic approach by sharing a photo of your family or your dog in his Halloween costume. The client will begin to separate you from other stereotypical sales associates, loan officers, etc.

4. Look for commonality

Like you, your client probably has a picture of their pet in a Halloween costume that they are dying to share. Give them that opportunity! If you met the client through a mutual event take a few minutes to discuss their thoughts on the event. Even something as simple as asking for a restaurant recommendation in your shared city will give you an opening and the client will feel valued and heard. Commonality exists everywhere–you just have to uncover it.

5. Go above and beyond

Surprising and delighting the client is often a forgot about method to impacting a conversation. For instance, if a client’s needs don’t match your services, refer them to someone you know who can help them. Not only will the client be impressed, but they will be more likely to come to you the next time when they do require your services. Treat every client as you would like to be treated in their shoes.

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