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73% of Marketers Believe This One Thing Will Make You Money

When you think of social media, Facebook may come to mind first. Facebook is a top player but remember that it’s not the only player in an ever-changing game. Once you’ve decided to have a role on social media, work on mastering one channel at a time. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of being on different social media channels and create a plan to excel at the ones that are important to your business and your clients.

73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been “very effective” for their business.

(Buffer, 2019)

Which channels work for your business?

Do your research and figure out where your potential clients are spending their time on social media. It may not be the newest craze like Tik Tok, but you don’t have to be leading the trends to make a difference in your business. Try to strike a balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and jumping into a channel that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do research on your industry to see how it’s finding success with social media. For example, a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that 99% of millennials (and 90% of baby boomers) begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals). Furthermore, based on the previously noted NAR study, Facebook (97%), LinkedIn (59%), and Instagram (39%) are most realtors’ top picks (Sprout Social).

Opt for low-cost or free first.

The beauty of social media is that it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg (but it certainly can if you ramp up on advertisements). We recommend investigating your unpaid options first before dipping into the investment of ads. For example, if you’re starting with a leader like Facebook, begin by inviting all of your friends to like your business page. This is an easy, free way to get attention to your page. Once they get to the page, add a call to action that makes them click to your website or leave a review if they’ve worked with you before.

At this stage, make sure that you are taking advantage of all of a platform’s features. For instance, creating stories or hashtags can play a huge role in your brand’s social media presence.

Make a competition out of it!

If you’re looking to grab more eyes on social media, look no further than an old-fashioned incentive. “Enter to Win” competitions are a genius, low-cost way to get eyes on your pages. Offer customers a chance to win a prize for tagging a friend on your Instagram post or retweeting your tweet. Clients will enjoy playing along and who knows, you might make a lifelong client where you didn’t expect it.

Do more than repost.

Show your clients that follow you on social media that you can do more than reposting what other professionals are sharing. Challenge yourself to take 15 minutes every Monday morning to write a thoughtful post on LinkedIn or share a photo on Pinterest. Better yet, create a simple content calendar to keep you on track. Be yourself in your posts as your clients will notice the authenticity of the message.

Once you’ve shared your original post, make it a habit to stick around and participate in other conversations. Commenting on, liking, and sharing other colleagues’ content will show that you are well-versed on the platform and eager to make connections.

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