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It’s Time to Dust Off Your Old Leads – Here’s How

If you’ve been working with leads for any extended amount of time, you know that they tend to pile up quickly. Now is the time to block off an hour or two on your calendar, queue up your favorite podcast, and give those old leads new life.

While it’s important to know when you want to re-engage old leads and how to do it, it’s also critical to determine why. Consider the new projects you’re working on that older prospects may not have been exposed to or aware of. Potentially, these new initiatives are precisely what those leads are interested in now. Plus, the old lead may connect you to someone else who is interested in your services.

Regardless of your reason why these tips will be your savior when you finally take the time to sit down and re-engage with your former leads.

Sort & organize your data.

If you can’t find the time in your schedule, recruit an assistant to help with this portion of the process. Once you’ve decided who is going to take the reigns on the sorting process, block out a generous amount of time to get the job done. Trust us, it will be worth the time investment when your leads are cleaned up. We recommend adding a “tags” column to each of your client lists. Under “tags” you’ll want to categorize your clients with any information that you deem important. For instance, creating a tag for “Old leads – No Response” will be useful as you move into the next step of re-engaging these leads. You can also have tags for friends, family, old colleagues, organizations, events, and more. The sky is the limit for tags, and they will certainly save you headaches later on.

Select a method.

Now that your old client lists are polished and sorted, you’ll want to select a method for re-engaging them. Consider if you want this communication to be an on-going sequence of events or a one-time check-in. You may also want to consider if a text, email, video, voicemail, or hand-written note is the best option for re-engaging. Now is the time to mix it up and put your best foot forward. If they didn’t reply to an email blast the last time you reached out, shoot them a text with a video link to show that you’re an agile communicator.

Don’t be afraid to try new methods to impress your clients. Your openness to new communication methods will reinforce their view of you as an expert.

Tailor your communication.

With new features being introduced regularly, you can take your re-engagement communication to the next level. Make sure your message is warm and doesn’t sound robotic. If you’ve worked with the client in the past, take the time to acknowledge that. If it’s been a while since you last connected, take the time to ask them how they’re doing before you bring up a service or project they may be interested in. Bonzo allows you to easily add personal merge tags so you can send an authentic message in a snap.

Be all ears.

The process is not complete after you send the message. Like all leads, you must be quick to view responses and listen to the content. If a lead responds saying that they aren’t interested in a certain project, thank them for responding and request to keep in touch. If you listen carefully, their responses can help you categorize them for future use, too. Remember that old leads are still warm leads. These leads were interested in your services at one point, which means they could very well be interested again. If they are open and responsive, consider moving them into a nurture campaign or ongoing newsletter where you can keep them from going stale.

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