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This Loan Officer Booked 29 Meetings from 1 Campaign — Here’s How

Learn how Tim used Bonzo to save time and achieve a 49% response rate on his first campaign.

“There’s really no reason to not use Bonzo right now. It’s a no-brainer.”

Tim Hemmer
Loan Officer + Bonzo Enthusiast

Get Your List Together

Tim said it best–make sure that your list is cleaned up and ready to import. We recommend deleting any old columns in your list that you’re no longer using. Ideally, each prospect will have a first name, last name, email address, phone number, and tags.

Tim took his CSV list of 99 realtors and uploaded it directly into the Bonzo campaign of his choice.

Turn the Campaign On

Get results immediately.

Tim uploaded his list of 99 realtors into a single Bonzo campaign and got 48 responses for a total response rate of 49%.

Tim watched as 48 responses came into his Bonzo account over the 5-day campaign. He even got notifications for these responses while he was on the go. No need to be chained to his desk!

Crush Your Goals

Tim’s goals were to create more meetings with agents and save time doing it.

In addition to achieving a high response rate, Tim created 29 meetings and long-term relationships from those 48 responses. He also saved an immense amount of time not having to text 99 people manually for a 5-day period.

Learn more about Tim’s experience by checking out the full video below.

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