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Why More Integrations Mean More Money

Nowadays it seems like you can connect every aspect of your life, especially your digital life. Don’t let your fear of not knowing how to set integrations up deter you from being as connected as you need to be. The simple fact is that the more connected your systems are, the more time and leads you’ll have. Like anything worth having, setting up integrations takes initial start-up time. Invest this time, do the work, and you’ll thank yourself at the end of the day.

“Now, where did I save that list again…?”

If you dread managing client lists and excel sheets, lead integrations are the perfect solution for you. Using a system like Zapier to automatically pull your leads into a CRM or Conversation Software will save you the hassle of organizing lists and keeping track of where you saved them. Everything from client name, email, phone number, and more will automatically be pulled over in a matter of seconds. Pull in your leads from top names in the industry like Facebook, Zillow, HomeBot, and many more. Then, sit back and watch your leads come in. We like to call this working smarter, not harder.

Convenience is your middle name.

While some integrations can pull in leads directly, other integrations can earn you money in less direct ways. For example, Bonzo offers direct integration with Slack. Always on the go? Push a client’s data to yourself or a teammate in your go-to Slack channel.

Email integrations are another way to keep your outreach convenient (and consistent). Whether you have Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or any other email providers, look for a system that offers integration with these platforms.

Consider Your Time ROI.

We know that taking the time to set up integrations can feel overwhelming. Don’t let that feeling stop you from charging forward in the pursuit of more leads and a plumper paycheck. The initial time investment will be well worth it when your return looks like new leads pouring in faster than you can keep count of. Try to have patience with yourself and technology as you begin the set-up process. Utilize Customer Support teams on the platforms you are working with. For instance, if you’re working on pulling leads over from a Facebook ad to Bonzo, reach out to a Happiness Advisor and let them do the dirty work for you. Again, smarter, not harder is key!

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